Flawed Judgment


When a brutally disfigured body is found in an alley dumpster in center city Philadelphia, top Detective Shana Doyle assumes the crime scene will be business as usual. Instead, the victim turns out to be one of her high school classmates.

As she dives into the investigation, she’s shocked when evidence points to her close friends of thirty years. She hasn’t exactly been the model friend, since she distanced herself from them after a personal tragedy hit her six months ago. But she can’t believe any of them could be involved with the murder. Fighting for their innocence, she enlists the Chief Medical Examiner, Malcolm (Mac) Boyd to help decipher a vital clue in hopes of finding something to support her belief.

But when Shana stumbles on a deadly cover-up and blackmail scheme that misdirects the investigation and further implicates her friends, she agonizes over holding back information that could jeopardize her successful career. Against all odds, she is still convinced of their innocence. With pressure to make an arrest, Shana races against time to find the real killer.

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Flawed Image

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A suicide turns to murder. When this detective starts digging, what twisted motives will she unearth?

In a rough section of Philadelphia, a well-groomed man is found dead in a seedy motel of an apparent suicide. Why he was there and how he got there is unknown.

   Detective Shana Doyle is awakened by a frantic call from a close friend, pleading for her to look into the case. She obliges fully expecting to confirm the ruling. But when Shana arrives at the scene, her sharp eyes spot a clue that screams homicide. The horrific manner in which he died leads Shana to believe something else is going on.

   As she dives into the victim’s seemingly untarnished life, she discovers everything is not what it appears. Her pursuit of the truth leads to a tangled mess of deceit that threatens her life and keeps the murderer on the loose to strike again.

   With zero suspects, can Shana find the killer . . . before more lives are lost?

Flawed Image is the intriguing second book in the Shana Doyle Mystery series. If you like captivating characters, page-turners with lots of plot twists, and engrossing suspense, then you’ll love Karen Redman’s peek beneath a perilous façade.

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